Friday, 2 October 2009

long time no see

that girl has been busy. In the months since I last wrote I have snuck away to a little gîte, got a new job, gained a new appreciation of Windsor, found out what absence does to the heart and most recently travelled from gay Battersea to gay Paris powered by two wheels and Mars bars.

She has moved out, and in her place Coz brings with her curry, kitchen items and superior audio visual equipment.

I have of course been cooking and eating all the while, far too much to mention in fact. Highlights have got to include a full on curry from a new book, the big spag bol which gave us fuel for our ride and pâté made from the pigs in the garden at the back of one of our hotels en route. ≤ten continues to flourish, with an ever wider circle of interesting people and some very special cakes, books and lovely flowers finding their way into my lucky hands as recompense for what is really no trouble.

I resolve, again, to cook more, to take more photos, and above all to write more about it. In honour of my new flatmate I have established a cake club at work, so expect posts about baking, and plenty of new recipes. Judging by the horror of a brack I sent to the Brave a couple of weeks ago my efforts may not be up to much.

I'll be back soon ... I promise.

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