Wednesday, 1 July 2009

≤ten - the bbq edition

Well. We had our first bbq edition of ≤ten this evening, with fair to middling success. Having been delighted at how enthusiastically the bbq was going initially I quickly realised (when my 'blackened' peppers became charcoal in the blink of an eye) that excessive amounts of heat were not necessarily going to be a good thing.

The theme of the evening was home grown. The mint in the lamb burgers was plucked from our hanging baskets, and the lettuce, rocket and potatoes were from Lulu's allotment delivery yesterday. The menu was simple - lamb burgers, green salad, tomato salad and early potatoes. Instead of canapes we shelled fresh peas which had been plucked only 36 hours previously. Luckily my guests are not faint hearted ... I will confess to spotting the odd baby caterpillar in one or two.

The only recipe worth passing on is for the lamb burgers, though this I suspect could be much improved upon - I'm not sure cooking on the run with guests arriving while trying to save charred peppers is the ideal setting for creating new dishes - but they were fresh and tasty, which is surely the main thing.

Enough for 6 hungry people ... or 8 with other things.

1kg minced lamb
1 large red onion finely chopped
large handful of fresh mint finely chopped
2 small eggs or 1 large
salt and pepper (I forgot this)

It's easy ... combine all the ingredients in a bowl, then shape into 15 or so small-ish burgers. Let the bbq commence.

My guests this evening were especially helpful. Jacs's suggestion to put foil on the grill underneath the burgers saved us another charring incident, and Amy's burger tending and liberal interpretation of the three second rule should not go unmentioned.

We ate outside from our laps, drank plenty of rose (tis the season) and covered duck rape, the merits of qualitative research and telepathic / psychopathic exes. All in all, a lovely evening.

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