Sunday, 28 June 2009

trial by triffid

The plants have been unhappy. I mentioned a while ago that I'd been neglecting them, and though I've upped my game slightly, all is not well in our aviary-cum-vegetable patch.

My most pressing problems are the runner beans and the courgettes. Each of them are flowering beautifully, but failing to set. The bright red runner bean flowers can be seen in abundance, but as yet only four skinny baby beans have developed, the rest of the buds fall off without having quite gained the enthusiasm to produce. The courgettes too remain unconvincing, after reaching around an half inch in length they wither and fall off the stem.

Internet research tells me that the beans problem at least is my fault, insufficent moisture on the leaves and buds. Henceforth I'll be spraying them with a little sugar water every day to keep them sweet. I'll let you know how I get on.

It's not all bad news mind. She and I sampled a little taste of our first Battersea potatoes earlier this week which were sweet, firm and slightly peppery. By rights it should be harvest time very soon. The tubers need a couple of hours in the sun before being bagged up, and I've not yet managed to find a suitable chunk of time to do this. I'm insanely curious about how many there are tucked down in the soil.

Finally the hanging baskets are a great pleasure. I planted two up with English thyme, garden mint and alpine strawberries a month or so ago, and another with a tumbling tom and they're going great guns. I am envisaging a summer of G&Ts with thyme syrup and mojitos to come.


  1. Your veg are well ahead of ours. The toms are growing well but only just staring to flower. The courgettes didn't even sprout so second batch only gets planted out next w/e. Runner beans ok but no where near flowering. I think I need to re look at when and how we plant. Its all good fun tho even if I only get to make more chutney when it none of it ripens :)

  2. My parents made some great green tomato chutney last year ... I'll pester them for the recipe when they're back from their travels.