Friday, 5 June 2009

notes on a detox ...

Firstly, I have been absent of late. A combination of the detox diet and the arrival of Miss Jones from SA has set my cookery slightly off plan. Happily ≤ten has kick started me again and I am busily plotting tonight's supper.

I'm pretty anti-fads when it comes to healthy eating etc, and though I'm not sure that a detox actually cleanses your body of toxins, it did give She and I an opportunity to think about what we were eating more carefully. I won't be continuing with avocados and rye bread for brekkie, but there are a few favourites which have worked their way onto our menu for good. Essentially the plan revolved around no wheat, little dairy, much less caffeine, and plenty of fresh raw food

The best of all was a simple salad - smoked mackerel, beetroot, asparagus, avocado and watercress with a squeeze of lemon juice and a spoon of hummus.

Also scoring highly was the porridge. I'm definitely a porridge for brekkie kind of a girl, but had noticed that the pinch of salt and spoonful of sugar I mix into mine had gradually become larger and larger. The recipe I'll be using from now on follows ...

2tbsp porridge oats
splash milk
2tbsp low fat natural yoghurt
1/2 grated apple
sprinkling of cinnamon

It's pretty self explanatory, I make the porridge in the microwave - one minute on high then a stir, then another 20 seconds - then mix in the yoghurt, apple and cinnamon. I didn't think I could eat it without salt, but this does me just fine.

The spirulina will also be staying, as will decaf tea with soya milk ... out of character I know, but there's something about the combination which makes it acceptable. Less successful were buckwheat noodles, which appear to just be a massive pain in the neck to cook with, and risotto with neither wine nor fat.

All in all, a 7/10.

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