Saturday, 4 April 2009

gardening in the face of adversity

You wouldn't think that squirrels were interested in runner beans, or indeed tomatoes, but I can tell you categorically that they most certainly are. Not, you understand, as a foodstuff - but more as a symbol of their resistance to our dictatorial claiming of their space. I won't dwell on this, I will say simply that I have a terrace which I seek to grow vegetables on and my neighbourhood squirrels systematically vandalise anything I plant which is not wrapped in protective chicken wire.

However, buoyed by the success of some tentative herbs - you can see rosemary, thyme, sage and mint on the right - and a trip to my father's allotment this morning, I have today planted (and protected) a pot of garlic and spring onions, and a big planter of potatoes. It's not so much the frugality of it, rather the satisfaction at being able to just nip outside, pick what you need and carry on cooking.

Cross you fingers for me, I'll let you know how they get on.

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