Tuesday, 17 March 2009

solving a butternut glut

Over-baking, over-buying and over-cooking - acceptable side effects of attempting to feed lots of people. I hasten to clarify that I mean over-baking/cooking in the 'excess' sense, rather than the 'burnt to a crisp' sense, though that does happen to the best of us.

Anyway, this evening I dealt with the butternut squash glut in the traditional manner for leftover vegetable items. Soup. In fact a very similar soup to the pumpkin one I've also noted down before ...

1 1/2 medium butternut squashes, peeled, cubed and roasted
half medium onion, chopped
pinch salt
small teaspoon black onion seeds
small teaspoon chilli flakes
teaspoon ground cumin
half tin of tomatoes
650ml vegetable stock
squeeze lemon juice

Brown the onion in a little oil with a pinch of salt

Add the squash and the spices, and cook for a couple of minutes

Stir in chopped tomatoes, simmer for 5 mins, stir in the stock and simmer for another 15

Blitz with a hand blender and add more water, pepper, and a squeeze of lemon juice to taste

On the onion seeds ... I just threw these in because we have them, but you can manage without, Try it with black mustard seeds, popped in the oil before the onions, or ground coriander.

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