Tuesday, 17 March 2009


Poor She. Over the last few months without her consent, white carbohydrates and potatoes have gradually become strangers to our cupboards. White pasta and rice I can do without, but I sometimes feel I am a little harsh on the humble potato, overlooking it for its glitzier sweet cousin - which in any case is a cousin only in name, belonging to an entirely different family by birth.

Rebellion arrived in the form of a bag of new potatoes, presumably bought to feed the man. I plundered them this evening for an accompaniment to our sausages and peas, and smashed them, skins on.

So, a few thoughts on mash.

New potatoes smashed with their skins on like tonight, either with a knob of butter and a glug of milk, or extra virgin olive oil ... salt and pepper.

Stir spoonful of pesto in regular mash, or cream cheese.

Colcannon - mash with savoy cabbage or leeks, with butter and pepper

Mix and mash regular potatoes and sweet potatoes ... or just opt for the low GI sweet option.

Sweet potato and swede mash (to please She) is a great friend of sausages, lamb and salmon, and has a wonderful golden orange colour.

Use leftover ordinary mash to thicken soup or make fishcakes, even better use the sweet potato mash for magic meatballs.

Bubble and squeak (a mythical entity in the house I grew up in)

There are many many more, but these are the ones I return to.

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